THANK YOU: Updates on my open letter

First off: I want to welcome all of my new followers! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my stuff, leave comments, and generally be awesome.

The past forty-eight hours have been surprising and wonderful. It was wild to wake up this morning and see over one hundred new e-mails about the post: likes, comments, follows. And all of this? Yet another gift from How I Met Your Mother. 

You see, it all started with this: a simple post, and a simple tweet:


I tagged the creators and cast on a whim, hoping that one of them–ANY of them–would see it. I didn’t expect much, considering the amount of comments they must receive from fans like me.

Well. Not even two hours later:


I need to point out that this screencap is saved on my computer as “OMG.”

I saw this and couldn’t speak for a moment. My wife, thinking I was reading something awful, just kept yelling “What? What?! WHO DIED?!” Eventually my vocal chords and mental faculties came back online.

A few hours later, CARTER BAYS RETWEETED MY LETTER. I am still in utter disbelief that this happened, but the meteoric rise in followers, retweets, and visits to my blog confirm the facts.

Twenty-four hours passed. My letter had nearly 2,000 views. This is probably small potatoes to most bloggers out there, but my past posts have gotten, like, twenty views, tops…and I’m pretty sure most of those were from me, checking in on different computers. So. Huge deal for this kid.

And then, this happened:

I really need to thank Cheri, the editor, who wrote me this letter. So thoughtful and personal!

I really need to thank Cheri Lucas Rowlands (@cherilucas) who wrote me this letter. So thoughtful and personal!

And yesterday morning, there I was, on the front page of WordPress.


The retweets and comments continue to pour in. Thank you all so much for being here and reading and joining the conversation. Some of you are even sharing your own deep connections with How I Met Your Mother and other TV shows, and this is the most astounding thing to me of all: that something I wrote could resonate with you on a level that goes deeper than a specific show. It has been enlightening and touching to hear from you. Thank you for sharing such deep emotions with me.

You know, I’ve been focused lately on finishing up some short stories to send out for publication; the curse of the MFA-holder. I truly never thought a love letter to my favorite show would be the first thing to make any kind of impact. It gives me hope that I’ve got some stories to tell. And once again, I have HIMYM and its creators to thank. And WordPress! And you, too.

I know this has to end sometime, and probably soon. But I will always remember the day that Carter Bays reached out, when he didn’t have to, and held me up for the world to see for a moment. Eternally grateful.

Thanks for being here. I hope you will stick around.

11 thoughts on “THANK YOU: Updates on my open letter

  1. I love that we live in a world where you can write “I’m the girl who…” followed by “My wife and I…” and I just think “They got married? That’s cool.”

    I also love HIMYM.

  2. I liked so much of your text…that I’m thinking till now in how HIMYM is so cool and also it’s part of my life and who I am, because the show is legen… wait for it!…dary LEGENDARY!!! and it was so amazing find out others HIMYM’s fans…. thanks you for the text…

  3. Having a post go viral is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I wish I could bottle it for those days when I need a solid pick-me-up. Congrats on all your success–I’m sure we will be hearing more from you!

  4. WOow I really can’t believe, your story happened just as the same way for me. I watching HIMYM for almost 3 years, first it was casual for me and then I moved to another city because of college and I was really lonely back there and I watched every episodes for 10 times, it was really my only friend and still is, I really enjoyed your writing and actually I’m a kind of writer too, so I have the best wishes for you.

  5. I wanted to thank you for writing that letter! Himym has certainly played a similair role for me in the though times, and finding out that I am not alone in this is comforting. I am really dreading the end of the series, honestly I could cry just thinking about it. Anyway I found your letter really moving!

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