Good news all around.

If you couldn’t tell from my last post, yesterday was rough. I still feel somewhat trapped and stifled today–it’s an ongoing condition–but some encouragement came last night and this morning that reminded me why I’m here.

My faculty mentor sent me feedback on my third packet by e-mail last night. I had known when I sent the stuff that it hadn’t been my best work; a lot of it was a very rough first draft that I didn’t have time to re-work or infuse with the real nature of the characters. There were, however, sections that were difficult for me to write, given the sheer emotion behind the scenes, and she apparently thinks I did a good job at capturing this:

“Once again, you’ve proven that you have an uncanny ability to utilize concrete details to evoke complex feelings. My eyes were brimming with tears reading this whole last scene. “

Sure, there were sections that she believed needed work, and I agree. But knowing that I do have the ability to reach someone–not just someone: a published author–with my words was enough to make my night. She also liked my essay on Anna Karenina…though it wasn’t the kind of essay she was looking for. Whoops!

This morning, I opened my GMail to find a message from the woman who supervises the writing class I run at my town’s library. Yesterday, I’d asked her if the library was hiring, in my perpetual efforts to put my name out there. They aren’t, but she did say:

“I will happily write you a terrific letter of recommendation:  I’m very impressed with your classes, your organization and how well you work with the group!”

So, that was nice to hear. Both of these instances reminded me that there is a pretty big reason I have to stay in this job: I do have talent, in writing and teaching, and I have to pay my dues before I can do what I love. So, for now, paying to write and teaching for free is how it has to be. And maybe that’ll bother me tomorrow, or next week, or next month. But right now, I’m grateful for this job and what it’s given me the chance to do.

4 thoughts on “Good news all around.

  1. yeah, I’m trying to get into the teaching for free stuff too. I used to have a lot of teaching history, but it’s been so long, and I need to revamp my game? how do you like the library? I’ve applied to teach a nonfiction writing class at the library in the town next to me and I think I can get into it.

    By the way? Why the F don’t we hang out every once in a while if we live like 35 seconds from each other?

    • Hey! I’m loving the library class. It started with one kid, and now I have five! And it’s super relaxed and a lot of fun.

      As for hanging out, by the end of the day of work I’m just useless, and weekends are reserved for the wifey 🙂 But I’d love to get a writing group together on Sundays, if you’re down.

  2. You know, I find that volunteering tends to bring opportunities. Especially if you’re doing a good job of volunteering. (Which I know you’re doing, because you are the American Hermione Granger.) I’ll bet you won’t have to wait long for something to drop into your lap.

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