…and then life happened.

So, my first packet may be a little late. I’ve talked to my mentor, and he’s fine with it. Of course he is; he’s awesome. But I’m disappointed.

I hit my “life limit” this week when my partner got into a car accident. She’s fine, but my car isn’t. It was the other driver’s fault, so either way it’s all paid for, but bureaucracy overwhelms me. There isn’t much that has to be done, but just the thought of doing it makes me want to hide under the covers until spring.

Luckily, I have tomorrow off: the beauty of working in a school (even if said school is another piece of the pressure and stress right now). The game plan is to land myself a rental car and finish up the final few pages of my packet and craft essay. If I can get it in the mail by Thursday, I could still make my “first week of February” deadline.

On a sidenote: I’m worried that this blog is just going to be self-conscious rants about how little faith I have in myself. Something about writing brings out that “I’m not good enough” side of me. But being this scared means I’m on to something important, I think.

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